All Your Questions Answered by Our 2015 Maker Series Speakers

08-16-16 Jody Thornburg

Itching for unfiltered advice from Ethan Marcotte, Dan Mall, Karen McGrane, Pamela Pavliscak, Tim Kadlec, and Brad Frost? These Build Right videos are just what you need.

We’ve enjoyed a pretty satisfying stretch with the Build Right: Maker Series and have welcomed some incredible web industry leaders into the Sparkbox training space. Not only is our team sharper, standing in the wake of ridiculously smart people, but we’re hopeful these events have helped usher the local community into the worthy charge of building a better Web.

Our initial plan was to release each Maker Series video a year after the event date, thereby allowing our in-person attendees to enjoy the first fruits of the content. And while that approach also makes sense from a business perspective (in theory, increasing ticket sales), it doesn’t really jive with the heart of why we do the things we do. We exist to build a better Web, and we strive to give oxygen to that flame within this industry. So recently, we’ve reminded ourselves to take time to reevaluate, to circle back around our original idea for the Maker Series—the impetus being to educate, inspire, contribute, give. Our execution must be consistent with our vision. In order to realign with that creed, we decided it makes the most sense to release each Maker Series video as soon as it’s available.

“If you have knowledge, let others light their candles in it.” - Margaret Fuller

So here you have them, the 2015 Maker Series videos in all their educational glory. We’re also working to get the 2016 videos edited up to this point and will release them as soon as they’re edited and ready to sail. In the meantime, check out our remaining 2016 workshops with Josh Clark and Aaron Gustafson. See? Ridiculously smart people.

Watch them. Learn from them. Light your candles in them and build something great!