Apprenticeships And Internships With Sparkbox

10-18-12 Drew Clemens

Why do we offer them? We love what we do, we want to share with new talent, and we genuinely care about the future of the web.

Fetching coffee, making copies, and picking up laundry. Exactly how you’d like to prepare for a career, right? Where can I sign up for that?

Internships can vary widely, and the experience you gain from one has as much to do with the place you intern as the effort you put into it. Also, apprenticeships are a fairly foreign concept to many, but they can be the most valuable element a person can add to their resumé. At Sparkbox, we offer both of these professional entry points because we value education and contribution to the web community. Sure, we have fun with our apprentices and interns, but we take their time with us very seriously.

Most of us in the Sparkbox office have experience founded in internships and apprenticeships. We can’t say enough about their worth in our own lives, and this is why we offer them. We enjoy teaching, and we genuinely care about the folks that we bring in.


In general, our apprenticeships are focused on developing an individual into the sort of professional we’d want to hire. And, we may choose to do just that. No matter what, our goals are to intentionally mentor a new talent from their foundation up. The process takes a lot of time, effort, and commitment, both on the part of the apprentice and our team. We pay our apprentices because we expect much of them, and we don’t take it lightly — we look for individuals who share our conviction.


Our paid internships are more situational than our apprenticeships. Intern activities will vary depending on Sparkbox workload, projects on hand, and capabilities of the intern. The one thing that is consistent, however, is our value for the intern and their time with us. We make it a point to get everyone involved in significant work.

If you’re interested in jump-starting your career in the web with us, check out the pages below and let us know. We’re lining things up for January 2013 right now. If you’re already part of an office that doesn’t do so, we’d encourage you to champion internships and apprenticeships. It takes effort, but it reaps reward as well. In the end, you’ll be glad you did it.

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