Awesome Christmas Card 2011

12-23-11 Sparkbox

Merry Christmas, happy New Year, and an awesome Decemberween to you all.

To all of our clients, vendors, friends, and families, Sparkbox would like to say thanks for a fantastic year. We love being able to say that next year is stacking up to be even better.

We look forward to continuing to serve our clients, kicking off projects with new clients, and sharing our passion for the web with everyone else we meet. Be on the lookout for several new site launches coming up in the first quarter! We have some awesome projects in the works.

Thank you, everyone! We truly do hope you enjoy a great Christmas and New Year. We’ll be right back here ready to roll in 2012.

About the Card

We are rocking out Christmas Homestar Runner-style in memoriam to the one-year anniversary of the last update to the classic site. Coincidentally, we Sparkboxers line up quite nicely with the HR cast. As seen above:

  • Jeremy/Pom Pom: No one can speak ill of this mild-mannered winner.
  • Rob Harr/Strong Bad: He can dish out a “What the crap?!” like no one else.
  • Ben/Coach Z: Always quick to give out a “good jorb” to the team.
  • Andy/Strong Mad: His comment post rage is legendary.
  • Drew/The Cheat: Sometimes, no one understands a word he’s saying.
  • Dom/Marzipan: Gently surviving as the only girl around.
  • Jän/Bubbs: The nonstop entrepreneur and crazy uncle.
  • Rob Tarr/Homestar: The quintessential everyman. But thankfully Rob wears pants.

No one is Strong Sad. We wouldn’t wish that on our worst enemy.