Ben and Rob at HOW Design Live

04-29-19 Sparkbox

Are you in a leadership role? Attend Ben and Rob's "Growing a Healthy Team" session at HOW Design Live on May 8 and learn how to make your team thrive.

Don’t miss Sparkbox’s President, Ben Callahan, and Vice President, Rob Harr, speaking on how to grow a healthy team at HOW Design Live on May 7–10 in Chicago, IL.

HOW Design Live is one of the world’s largest annual gatherings of creative professionals. Attendees can preview new tools, technologies, and products in the industry’s largest exhibit hall. The conference will feature 100 sessions and welcome 3,000 attendees from every state and dozens of countries. Ben and Rob will lead a talk on “Rules to Live By: Growing a Healthy Team: For People Who Run Teams or Organizations” on May 8.

“I’ve been privileged to see first-hand how a culture that invests in each other leads to better lives in and out of work.”—Ben Callahan

In this session, Ben and Rob will share their passion for investing in teams. They’ll teach you key lessons they’ve learned from years spent growing a thriving culture, show how people are your biggest assets, and discuss how you can help your team feel like a part of something bigger than themselves. After leaving this session, you’ll walk away with the following:

  • Honest stories about Sparkbox’s transition from a team of 4 to a team of 44
  • Tangible ideas you can put into practice
  • Examples of how true values can drive nearly every decision in your organization

“So much of this work is about the people…the people are what directs our company’s success.”—Rob Harr

Are you taking on a leadership role? Do you run a team and want to help factions realize they’re on the same side? Then come learn from Ben and Rob.

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