Build Guild Time: Commence the High Fivin’

07-27-11 Andy Rossi

Taking the pressure off by banning presentations means there's more time for organic networking. Find out where your closest Build Guild meets so you can get to chattin' with others that work in the Web. (Mustaches are not mandatory, by the way.)

I don’t need an excuse to get me out to a bar to hang with like-minded individuals. If there are good friends and good brew, then count me in. However, many feel that work exists only between the hours of 9 and 5 and that it has no place outside the cubicle. Others, like myself, feel that work can and should exist outside the time window; it can be shared with others.

Specifically, the world of web design and development is a symbiotic one. Knowledge exists to be shared and social circles are made to expand. The trouble is that going to the neighborhood bar and talking about the latest in web trends may not have the desired effect one would hope for. This is the point in which Build Guild raises its hand and says: “It doesn’t have to be that way!”

What is Build Guild? It’s a localized gathering of anybody who loves and works with the web. Designers, developers, project managers, content strategists, the curious: all are welcome. There are several chapters of Build Guild nationally, all of which can be seen on their official website. Our local chapter in Dayton, OH has developed into quite the large group. Yes, there are a lot of meetups in the area, but most are somewhat stuffy events that always seem to include a presentation or two, and many of these meetups are too formal. That isn’t a knock on those types of group settings, but they serve a specific type of purpose.

Build Guild stands out for one major reason: No presentations. None. Also, the mustached logo is awesome.

More time for the important stuff

It’s about networking, folks. Meetups are for meeting people, not about sitting silently and taking notes. Build Guild attracts many web professionals from all over the area with different experience levels, foci, likes and dislikes. Why not walk up and talk shop over a beer and some chicken wings? Sure, you can exchange cards, but that’s a secondary motion. High fives should always come first.

With the presentation removed from the process, there is more time to create connections with your web peers. You may even stumble across a local company that you never even knew existed.

You may land a job.

At the very least, you may get a couple new Twitter followers.

What's your excuse?

You have seen the list of local Build Guild stops and you know what it’s about. So consult your local chapter website, mark your calendar, map out the journey, and show up! Grace them with your presence. Do some photobombing!

If you are in the Southwest Ohio area (Dayton, Cincinnati, and Columbus included) make sure to join us at Chappy’s Tap Room & Grille every second Tuesday of the month.

There is more to the web community than conferences and presentations. The web community is full of actual living, breathing people. Build Guild is a great way to find any interested individuals and bring them together under one roof to meet and expand their professional circle.

The beer is just a bonus.