Callout: Sparkbox Apprenticeship v1.1

04-02-13 Sparkbox

Our second round of apprenticeships are coming around quick, and we're ready to accept applications from hungry web grasshoppers starting now.

We are currently at the halfway mark of our first round of Sparkbox apprenticeships, and we are enjoying the progress almost as much as a plate of Rob Harr‘s perfectly seasoned ribs.


As best we can tell, our apprentices are enjoying themselves, too. Eddie, Jake, and Neil began in January, and they are well on their way to becoming well-rounded developers. Their past few months have been chock-full of readings from smart people, writing clean code, and pairing with the Sparkbox team. The second half of their apprenticeship holds promise of personal and public project work, and we’re excited to see what they’ll come up with.

Sparkbox apprentices Eddie Bonk, Jake Flohre, and Neil Renicker volunteer at a Dayton-area shelter.

We offer paid apprenticeships because we value education, and we genuinely care about the future of the web. Our apprenticeships are fairly long (six months long) because it takes time to truly learn a craft, and we want to do it right.

This June we’ll be selecting our next round of apprentices. Candidates are evaluated not by length of resumé or former skillset but instead by motivation and initiative — essentially the best person for the job. We plan to bring on two more passionate web developers this summer who are eager to build a better web, pushing them in all aspects of development:

Clean code and testing. Ruby and Rails. HTML/CSS/JS and source control. Whatever we’re doing at Sparkbox to build the web, our apprentices will have the chance to soak it up.

Do you believe in a better web? Are you willing to dodge high-velocity foam darts and eat more than your fair share of Oreos for six months? Read the details and apply.