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  • The Making of Lamp Post

    The Making of Lamp Post

    06-22-16 Brittany Webb Catherine Meade Nate Jacobs Bennett Chidoro

    Tech meetups and events are plentiful in the Dayton area—and so are the sites that promote them. For their culminating project, our 2016 apprentices created a simple site to share all of the tech gatherings in Dayton, a kind of one-stop shop. It's free, topical, collaborative and easily replicated. Meet Lamp Post.

  • The Making of

    The Making of

    08-28-15 Kasey Bonifacio

    Apprenticeships are temporary training programs (usually three months to a year), focused on teaching the process of building quality, intentional code to solve problems. Our 2015 apprentices created to help other people connect with opportunities.

  • Why We Apprentice

    Why We Apprentice

    08-14-13 Drew Clemens

    An apprenticeship is drastically different from learning methods used in most of modern Western culture. Drew explains the practical, important reasons we believe in apprenticeships and how they allow us to grow talent—not just consume it.

  • The Making of Threeve

    The Making of Threeve

    06-18-13 Sparkbox

    We, the 2013 Sparkbox Apprentices, have built Threeve: an app to help you track your Jeopardy score, share your total, and finally achieve the acclaim you so rightfully deserve. All in a beautifully designed and written responsive Ruby and Rails web app.