Building in the Open

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  • iterate_in_the_open_with_feature_flags

    Let’s Talk: Building in the Open

    11-13-19 Melissa Thompson

    In our fourth issue of Let’s Talk, we focus on iteration and building in the open. Melissa discusses how we've rebuilt our site, sharing our progress publicly along the way, and shares resources for how you can do it too.

  • foundry_2019_website_redesign

    Rebuilding The Foundry

    02-25-19 Caralyn Green

    We’ve been doing some behind-the-scenes work on The Foundry. Learn more about the exciting changes coming your way, and follow along as we rebuild in the public.

  • redesigning_codepen

    Redesigning CodePen

    04-13-15 Melissa Taylor

    It's a chance to find new ways to solve problems better. It's a chance to share our process. It's a chance to build a better playground for inspiration, education, and sharing. Sparkbox is redesigning CodePen, and you get to watch us every step of the way.

  • sparkbox_foundry_design

    Sparkbox Foundry Design

    10-02-13 Jeremy Loyd

    We wanted to kick our site rebuild in the butt. So we decided to go out on a limb, more fully embrace iterative process, and try building the site literally one page at a time. Jeremy talks about our new approach and new design for the Foundry.

  • planning_to_rebuild_part_2

    Planning To Rebuild: Part 2

    12-11-12 Rob Harr

    A mantra around the Sparkbox office: "wait until the last responsible moment." Rob Harr explains how this applies to the technical direction of our site rebuild.

  • planning_to_rebuild_part_1

    Planning To Rebuild: Part 1

    11-26-12 Drew Clemens

    Failing to plan is planning to fail. It sounds painfully old-manish, but it's true. Sparkbox's resident old man, Drew Clemens, discusses planning for the Sparkbox web rebuild.

  • rebuilding_in_public

    Rebuilding In Public

    11-16-12 Ben Callahan

    We're rebuilding the Sparkbox website in public. It's sort of like those nightmares you've had of showing up to High School naked—only real. Are we crazy?