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  • maintaining_design_vision

    Maintaining Design Vision

    06-26-17 Andrew Spencer

    Maintaining design vision throughout a project can be challenging. Andrew shares how our experimentation with project roles alleviates these challenges and contributes additional project value.

  • designing_design_culture

    Designing Design Culture

    04-18-17 Jeremy Loyd

    We believe the next step in our pursuit to make better websites is to figure out how to scale design efforts within Sparkbox and continue to explore how design intersects with development.

  • presenting_design

    Presenting Design

    10-04-16 Jeremy Loyd

    Talking a client through a design concept can be a tough task. Jeremy shares some tips and examples on how to present effectively and get the feedback you need.

  • designing_todays_web

    Designing Today’s Web

    06-22-15 Jeremy Loyd

    The newest Build Right workshop delves into the mirky depths of designing responsive websites, how to collaborate with developers, and asks us all how we can be better.

  • responsive_web_design_tips

    Responsive Web Design Tips

    09-30-14 Jeremy Loyd

    Just like with development, designing for responsive is a very different game than designing for a single viewport. Jeremy shares his lessons learned so far trying to tame the RWD beast.

  • organizing_inspiration

    Organizing Inspiration

    04-29-13 Jeremy Loyd

    Collecting inspiration is an important and strangely challenging task for most creatives—ourselves included. Jeremy shares a few nice web apps for your idea gathering.

  • there_is_no_breakpoint

    There Is No Breakpoint

    02-07-13 Ben Callahan

    What breakpoints should we use in responsive web design? As commonly as it's asked, this may be the wrong question. Join Ben as he tumbles down the rabbit hole beyond the breakpoint.

  • rebranding_sparkbox

    Rebranding Sparkbox

    11-16-12 Jän Ostendorf Jeremy Loyd

    Jän and Jeremy discuss the Sparkbox rebrand in conjunction with our site overhaul. New icons, typefaces, and colors are everywhere, but all the team really wants is sweet t-shirts.