Meet Sparkboxers

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  • meet_lina

    Meet Lina

    04-24-19 Sparkbox

    Food enthusiast. Skillful planner. Relationship builder. Meet Lina, our newest Project Manager.

  • meet_kaitlyn

    Meet Kaitlyn

    04-12-19 Sparkbox

    Oboe player. Spreadsheet lover. Swing Dancer. Meet Kaitlyn, our new Communication Specialist.

  • meet_naomi

    Meet Naomi

    04-05-19 Sparkbox

    Adventurer. Dayton-Local. Grammar Enthusiast. Meet Naomi, our Communication Specialist.

  • meet_melissa_thompson_developer

    Meet Melissa

    10-31-18 Sparkbox

    She's a rock climber, piano player, and designer-turned-developer. Meet Melissa, the newest member of the Sparkbox team.

  • meet_yosevu_kilonzo

    Meet Yosevu

    08-15-18 Sparkbox

    A self-starting globetrotter who uses his love of language and tech to change the world. Meet Yosevu, our new full-stack developer.

  • meet_corinne_ling

    Meet Corinne

    07-18-18 Sparkbox

    Crafter. Mandarin speaker. Writer of graphic novels. Meet Corinne, the latest full-stack apprentice turned full-time Sparkboxer.

  • meet_byron

    Meet Byron

    05-30-18 Sparkbox

    Drummer. Community volunteer. Former robot-builder. Meet Byron, our new full-stack developer.

  • meet_heather

    Meet Heather

    10-11-17 Sparkbox

    She's an American muscle car aficionado and a tenacious coder. Meet Heather, our newest spirited developer.

  • meet_gary

    Meet Gary

    09-27-17 Sparkbox

    Meet Gary, the incredibly interesting technomad, citizen scientist, and newest member of the Sparkbox team.

  • meet_jon

    Meet Jon

    09-13-17 Sparkbox

    He's jumped out of planes and played in a heavy metal band. Meet our newest dev and dog-lover: Jon.