Meet Sparkboxers

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  • Meet Erin

    Meet Erin

    09-13-19 Sparkbox

    Explorer. Crafter. Problem Solver. Meet Erin, our newest Project Manager.

  • Meet Mandy

    Meet Mandy

    08-30-19 Sparkbox

    Photographer. Explorer. Hot Air Balloon Crew Member. Meet Mandy, our newest Developer.

  • Meet Jordan

    Meet Jordan

    08-09-19 Sparkbox

    Aspiring chef. Apple fanboy. Magician. Meet Jordan, our newest Developer.

  • Meet Colby

    Meet Colby

    07-03-19 Sparkbox

    Teacher. Adventurer. Creative soul. Meet Colby, our newest Developer.

  • Meet Meredith

    Meet Meredith

    06-26-19 Sparkbox

    Organizer. Sticky note lover. Team supporter. Meet Meredith, our new Executive Assistant.

  • Meet Lina

    Meet Lina

    04-24-19 Sparkbox

    Food enthusiast. Skillful planner. Relationship builder. Meet Lina, our newest Project Manager.

  • Meet Kaitlyn

    Meet Kaitlyn

    04-12-19 Sparkbox

    Oboe player. Spreadsheet lover. Swing Dancer. Meet Kaitlyn, our new Communication Specialist.

  • Meet Naomi

    Meet Naomi

    04-05-19 Sparkbox

    Adventurer. Dayton-Local. Grammar Enthusiast. Meet Naomi, our Communication Specialist.

  • Meet Melissa

    Meet Melissa

    10-31-18 Sparkbox

    She's a rock climber, piano player, and designer-turned-developer. Meet Melissa, the newest member of the Sparkbox team.

  • Meet Yosevu

    Meet Yosevu

    08-15-18 Sparkbox

    A self-starting globetrotter who uses his love of language and tech to change the world. Meet Yosevu, our new full-stack developer.