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  • foundry_2019_website_redesign

    Rebuilding The Foundry

    02-25-19 Caralyn Green

    We’ve been doing some behind-the-scenes work on The Foundry. Learn more about the exciting changes coming your way, and follow along as we rebuild in the public.

  • writing_better_release_notes

    Writing Better Release Notes

    03-26-18 Kasey Bonifacio

    Release notes are a valuable way to communicate the work that has been done but writing them feels arduous. Kasey shares a simple tweak to stop dreading the task of writing release notes—and make them better at the same time.

  • be_better_discovery

    Be Better: Discovery

    03-12-18 Ben Callahan

    In this edition of the "Be Better" newsletter series, Ben shares how discovery helps us make sure we’re talking with the right people to solve the right problems.

  • how_we_do_discovery

    How We Do Discovery

    03-05-18 Rob Harr

    Discoveries lead the way to building responsibly. Rob shares how discovery projects help us establish a shared vision, goals, and priorities with our clients, ensuring we build the right thing to solve the right problem.