Version Control

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  • Git is a SHA Management Tool

    Git is a SHA Management Tool

    02-03-20 Melissa Thompson

    Viewing Git as a SHA manager instead of as a source control file manager clears up a lot of confusion. Melissa shares some fundamental Git commands that help her manage SHAs in an enterprise-level project.

  • Writing Better Release Notes

    Writing Better Release Notes

    03-26-18 Kasey Bonifacio

    Release notes are a valuable way to communicate the work that has been done but writing them feels arduous. Kasey shares a simple tweak to stop dreading the task of writing release notes—and make them better at the same time.

  • Git Secrets

    Git Secrets

    09-11-17 Nate Jacobs

    Nate shares a tool that helps us minimize the private information that can slip through the cracks and into a public repo.