Dayton Clean Coders: Building Warriors for Fun and Learning

03-28-14 Ryan Cromwell

Who knew you could learn code while fighting monsters and ogres? Learn how we tackled clean code with Ruby and Javascript Warrior and sign up to give a lighting talk in April.

It turns out people like swords and monsters. Go figure.

Back in January, Dayton Clean Coders dedicated a session to Ruby Warrior and Javascript Warrior. In these guided 2D games, the player writes code to direct a virtual warrior in defeating obstacles level by level. We had so much fun we decided to try it again in March. Take a look at the pairs’ results. It was great to see more take the approach of isolated, clean commands. Just imagine how easy those would be to test in isolation!

Google Hangouts with Kentucky and California

Ed Charbeneau, co-chairman of Code PaLOUsa, and Chris Michel joined us for our first virtual Clean Coders using Google Hangouts. This worked out pretty well, especially since Ed was able to walk us through his Chain of Command Pattern implementation of Ruby Warrior through Level 9.

April is Lightning Talks Month!

Come hang out with us again on April 15th for a Lightning Talk session at both Dayton Clean Code & Gem City JS. We’re still filling out the docket, but we’ll have an agenda soon. These will be 8-10 minute presentations on topics ranging from patterns to productivity to practices to tools for building sustainable software. Email if you’d like to present.

RSVP if you’re eating with us!