Build Right: Maker Series with Derek Featherstone

05-10-19 Sparkbox

Our next Build Right: Maker Series will feature web accessibility authority Derek Featherstone. Join us on June 13 for a hands-on workshop that will give you what you need to create accessible products.

Accessibility specialist Derek Featherstone will be leading our next Build Right: Maker Series workshop on June 13. Derek is an internationally recognized speaker and authority on accessibility and web development. When not speaking and leading workshops, he serves as the Chief Experience Officer at Level Access, where he promotes accessibility as a vital part of user experience.

Derek’s session has two main goals for you:

  1. Understand what it takes to create an inclusive product.
  2. Build inclusion into your design process.

This workshop will bring together everything you need to start delivering on the promise of the web for everyone. At this session, we’ll dive into hands-on activities that help us make more accessible products from the ground up or improve the accessibility of existing products. Derek will equip you with what you need to face inclusion challenges head-on.

You’ll learn about the following topics:

  • Inclusive design as a tool for innovation
  • Techniques for implementing inclusive design
  • Analyzing interfaces for barriers to inclusion
  • Inviting people with disabilities into your design process
  • Designing the design process to be more inclusive
  • Measuring inclusion

Do you believe in diversity, equality, and inclusion? Do you want to incorporate these principles in your design process to consistently create accessible products? Then come engage with Derek Featherstone and gain the tools you need!

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We host our Build Right: Maker Series to bring relevant voices to the forefront of our industry. These workshops allow you to engage in down-to-earth conversations about real-life experiences and problems. When you come, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from an industry leader, converse with other professionals, and enjoy a lunch and happy hour.