Everybody Answers: Our Favorite Foodie Websites

12-08-11 Sparkbox

Believe it or not, we do occasionally take our fingers off our keyboards to eat. Check out the team’s list of favorite food-related websites.

Here at Sparkbox, you already know we value well-built websites. We also really love good food. What happens when you combine the two? A delicious list of restaurant and food-related websites that’s sure to fill you up.


Andy Rossi

Mellow Mushroom. Yes, it’s Flash-based; but it’s also fun to navigate, provides plenty of information, and looks good doing it. Also, they have a *gasp* mobile-specific site. It provides the mobile user with the two most useful bits of information–location and menu. Novel thought, eh?

It’s okay that the main site isn’t responsive. As long as mobile users can navigate the site, I consider it a win.


Drew Clemens

I had to think hard on this one. It seems that food-based (especially restaurant) sites tend to suffer from fairly consistent issues. Many are just designed horribly. Many that actually look nice seem to be overly dependant on Flash. I knew that I had found sites that I appreciated, but I really had to search to remember. Eventually, I came across Food Sense which I originally saw on Media Queries. Granted, it’s not a restaurant but instead a site devoted to “plant-based eating” and cooking. Though I’m on the other end of the food spectrum (meat must be involved to constitute a meal), I do love the site. The design is nice. The photography is crisp. It’s responsive. Overall, it’s tasty.


Rob Harr

I rarely visit restaurant websites, so it’s hard to have a favorite. I do like the iPhone apps for Chipotle and Outback. They both allow me to submit my order before leaving the house, so I can avoid a long wait. For cooking, I like Our Best Bites and allrecipes.com.


Ben Callahan

My favorite restaurant website is the Colossus Greek Tavern. Just kidding. But that is a pretty awesome intro.

My favorite food-related website is actually my wife’s site, Once A Month Mom. She’s an amazing entrepreneur, and I know first-hand how good the food is! The site is a free resource for anyone who wants help getting into once-a-month-cooking. She and her team of writers provide up to six menus each month for a variety of tastes. My favorite recipes are probably in the “Traditional Menus” but there is something for everyone.

Also, it’s responsive! Check it out, and let her know that you found her through Sparkbox.


Rob Tarr

I don’t really have a favorite restaurant website. However, any restaurant that makes it ridiculously easy for me to get hours, location, and a menu from my phone makes me happy. I feel like this should be a no-brainer. You’re trying to sell food. I’m hungry. Make it easy for me to come buy your food.


Jeremy Loyd

Smokey Bones. I’m not sure it’s my favorite, but it is pretty good. I like the movement without use of Flash and that everything is located on one page.