Handy Updates To Rob Tarr’s Media Query Bookmarklet

06-26-12 Rob Tarr

What's better than Rob Tarr's helpful little media query bookmarklet? A version update! Version 1.3 now available.

We’ve been happy to hear that the media query bookmarklet has been helpful to so many of you media query loving web developers and designers. Over the course of the year there have been tweaks, but just this week, some helpful new additions have been made.

The bookmarklet no longer displays duplicate media queries, so you’ll never see unnecessary duplicates on your screen. It also now has a close button to remove it and a control toggle to move the element from the right-hand to left-hand side of your display (in the event it is getting in your way).

Visit the original post to get your updated version. Enjoy — and please continue to give feedback!

Original Media Query Bookmarklet Post and Link