Introducing the 2015 Build Right: Maker Series

12-05-14 Ben Callahan

Now that we’ve wrapped the 2014 Maker Series with Dan Mall and Kevin Hoffman, it’s time to look to 2015. This coming year is going to be a big one. We have six speakers booked that will challenge your assumptions about the web we work on each day.

I’m so excited to announce our lineup for the 2015 Maker Series! We’ve been working hard to curate a list of speakers that are truly shaping the industry. However, before I tell you about each of the speakers, I want you to know why we’re doing this.

As I’ve had an opportunity to attend and speak at a few industry events over the past couple years, I’ve realized that the folks speaking are just the same as you and me. We’re all trying to solve the same problems. This realization gave me the courage to start sharing how we are approaching our work at Sparkbox. I want the Maker Series events to give folks in the Midwest the opportunity to meet industry leaders who might not make a stop near them otherwise. I want you to have lunch, drinks, and conversations with them. That’s why we structure the day to allow our attendees to help guide the conversation. My hope is that this will encourage you to contribute what you’re learning while engaging with both the speaker and other attendees. After all, there’s always someone smarter, but there’s also always someone a little further behind…

This Year’s Schedule

Enough with the big picture stuff—let’s talk details. It’s my honor to share with you our speakers for the 2015 series.

Brad Frost: Working with Atomic Design

Brad has done so much for the industry in just a few short years. From putting a tremendous number of responsive patterns together in This is Responsive to developing a tool for frontend pattern libraries called Pattern Lab.

Brad will be joining us in March to talk about atomic design and to share how it can help in your day-to-day work.

Tim Kadlec: Performance Budgets

I’ve known Tim for a while now. I first knew him as a fantastic event curator and organizer, then as a tremendous web developer, and finally—and most importantly—as a friend. His explanations of how we can build fast responsive sites have been a big help for Sparkbox. And, it’s this reason I wanted to bring him to Dayton.

Tim will be joining us in April to share about performance budgets and to lay out a way to implement them in the work we do each day.

Pamela Pavliscak: Designing with Data

Every opportunity I’ve gotten to hear Pamela speak has left me wondering how I could get her to come to Dayton. This year, I finally figured out how to make it happen. You won’t find a more down-to-earth data scientist around—I know you’ll love every minute of her workshop.

Pamela will be here in June to explain how we can make better design decisions with data. You won’t want to miss it.

Karen McGrane: Content Strategy for Mobile

Karen has been preaching IA and content strategy since before the terms were known. She’s a tremendous presence in the industry with the ability to make the idealistic practical and the teaching prowess to help you do the same.

We’re bringing Karen to Dayton this August to share about content strategy for mobile. You’ll walk away with concrete ideas about how to change content workflows to better accommodate the myriad of devices pouring onto the internet.

Dan Mall: Design Workflow

Dan offered our first-ever Maker Series event in October of 2014. He is known as a guy who is not afraid to challenge the status quo, even while working with some of the biggest brands out there. His workshop was so good that we were immediately asked when he was going to be back in town.

I’m delighted to tell you that we’re bringing Dan back in October to enlighten and entertain you. Make sure you get your tickets early.

Ethan Marcotte

And finally, I am so honored to share with you that we are bringing Ethan Marcotte to Dayton in November. Ethan started this whole responsive web design thing and he’ll be here to share his perspective on today’s web. More details about his workshop are coming soon. For now, know that you’ll want to get a seat while they’re still available.

Tickets are Available Now

You can reserve your spot starting right now. Remember, there are only 45 seats available in each workshop, and they will go fast. We’ve set the price so that you can spend six full days with six amazing speakers for the same price as many one or two-day conferences. The value is tremendous and it’s all happening right in the Midwest.

You can also drop us a note for special pricing for large groups and/or multi-event passes. 2015 is going to be inspiring and encouraging—these are the people we want to hear, the people we respect. I hope you’ll join us.