Join Our Team! Apply for a 2015 Apprenticeship

10-07-14 Sparkbox

Don't miss your chance to apply for next year's apprenticeships. We're taking applications now through the end of October.

Sparkbox is a team that values education. We offer paid apprenticeships because we love what we do, we want to share with new talent, and we genuinely care about the future of the web.

What We Look For

We build responsive, standards-compliant, content-focused, well-crafted, accessible, valuable, beautiful websites and apps, and we’re looking for some web geeks who want to do the same.

Passion, character, and initiative are a requirement. A long resumé is not. As long as you care about the right things, we can help build your skillset. This is true for those we hire, and it is equally true for our apprentices. Through your apprenticeship, we hope to help develop you into the sort of individual we’d want to hire—which has happened with some past apprentices.

We’re looking primarily for those interested in an apprenticeship in web development—frontend, backend, or anything code related. What we’re looking for most, however, are individuals who are excited to make their mark on the web industry. In your application, provide anything and everything you can that will convince us you are that geek.

What You’ll Be Doing

In the first months of your apprenticeship, you’ll be exposed to the core technologies of our work and work flow. You’ll learn Sparkbox’s convictions on the priority of content, value of design, semantic HTML, and mobile-first CSS. You’ll be exposed to our Github-centric project management, our deployment processes, best practices for clean code and separation of concerns, and unit-testing techniques.

By the end of your apprenticeship, you’ll be interacting as a full-fledged team member. Your confidence will be up, you’ll have some work under your belt, and that’s when the real fun begins.

Check out our apprenticeship GitHub repository to get a really good sense of what you’ll be doing.


  • October 31, 2014 - Last Day to Apply
  • Early November 2014 - Interviews (including the opportunity to talk with a former apprentice)
  • Mid November 2014 - We’ll Let You Know If You’re In
  • January-June 2015 - Fill Your Brain


How badly do you want it? This is your chance. Choose your answers wisely.

Don’t wait, apply now!