JSConf 2015 Recap

07-09-15 Rob Tarr

Rob shares some of the coolest things from this year's JSConf that'll fan your maker flame, up your accessibility game, and more.

I had the opportunity this year to travel down to Florida for JSConf, with fellow Sparkboxer Divya. It was a great trip, and I was able to meet some really amazing and talented people. There were a few things that stood out to me that I wanted to share with you.

math == art && art == code

There are presentations that teach new concepts and ideas, and there are presentations that inspire and motivate. John Brown’s presentation on generated art was the latter. I doubt that I will get the opportunity any time soon to work on a client project that involves a 15-foot LED board that lights up based on mouse movements, but I’m glad I saw it. Seeing the things that he is doing with JavaScript and generated art fans the flame of the maker inside me.

Automated Accessibility Testing

Marcy Sutton gave an excellent presentation on automated accessibility testing. She is pushing accessibility testing forward, and that’s the direction that we at Sparkbox are trying to move in as well. Marcy mentioned useful tools like the Chrome Accessibility Developer Toolbar and Addy Osmani’s A11y module, which I will soon be exploring further to up our accessibility game.

Altering the Real World with JavaScript

Jan Jongboom closed out JSConf with a great look into some future tech around BLE  beacons and some of the work that he has been doing. It’s always great to see what is happening on the edges of web development that I don’t always see in my day-to-day work.

Meetup Organizers

It was also great to meet some of the people behind many of the JS meetups that are happening around the country. I had a great time with these new friends and look forward to more encounters with them in the future.

Totally Worth It

All in all, JSConf was a blast. I was exposed to new people and ideas and made some new friends while doing it. It’s not an easy conference to get tickets to—and they weren’t on the cheap side. But the people and content were well worth the effort and price. It also didn’t hurt that it all took place at a beach resort