Maker Series: A New Addition to the Build Right Family

09-08-14 Sparkbox

The workshop series that gives you a chance to engage with people making timeless things on the web. These are the people you respect and follow—the people shaping our industry.

The Build Right team is excited to announce the birth of a new series of events that we’re calling the Build Right: Maker Series. These events—featuring industry leaders in the field of web development and design—will take place in the Sparkbox Training Space in the great city of Dayton, Ohio. So far, we’ve booked two incredible speakers to finish out 2014, and we’re planning a 2015 lineup that’ll ooze with awesome.

Here’s the Skinny

The Build Right: Maker Series brings relevant voices to the forefront through down-to-earth conversations about real-life experiences along with “anything-goes” interactions. Attendees will have an opportunity to spend the day learning from an industry leader—and enjoy a lunch and happy hour together.

Our 2014 Maker Series events feature the following speakers:

Early bird prices are available, but space is very limited—don’t miss out! If you have any questions, please contact