Meet Bob

02-14-18 Sparkbox

He's a JavaScript pro with a background in explosives. Meet Bob, the newest dev at Sparkbox.

Bob Yexley knows a thing or two about explosives and rockets. This Oregon native and ex-Air Force munitions specialist has roots in Knoxville, Tennessee, and is Sparkbox’s newest remote web developer. But rockets aren’t his only specialty. He’s a code whiz and eager learner—two traits that make him a powerful force on the Sparkbox development team.

Bob joined the Air Force right out of high school and travelled the world—from Spain to Saudi Arabia and beyond. His work as a munitions specialist gave him the opportunity to cross-train in computer programming, providing him with the skills he needed to be successful long after he parted ways with the Air Force. From government contracting to commercial work, Bob stayed busy developing with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS for several years before his road led him to Sparkbox. Now, he’s fully immersed in the Sparkbox family and doing what he does best: tackling client projects with energy and expertise.

Aside from his life in the code world, Bob’s a family man with a big heart for the outdoors. He hunts, fishes, camps, and makes an annual trek to Colorado to hunt for elk. He’s full of stories and love for life. Give Bob a warm welcome!