Meet Caralyn

10-25-17 Sparkbox

She's Sparkbox's newest problem-solving powerhouse and Project Manager.

Nobody asks better questions than Caralyn Green, Sparkbox’s newest Project Manager. This Pittsburgh native is an insatiable learner, pursuing her curiosities in project management, content, and UX.

Caralyn’s diverse background in public relations, marketing, content strategy, and collegiate teaching provides her with an extraordinarily large scope of thinking when it comes to tackling problems. She knows how to collect information, distill it, and present it in a way that makes sense. She’s a problem-solving machine, and it’s no wonder Sparkbox clients love her. (Us, too!)

When Caralyn’s not working on the web, she’s serving up new vegetarian recipes for friends and family. Nothing makes her happier than feeding people, which is why snagging fresh ingredients at a farmers market is one of her favorite ways to unwind, second only to taking long walks in the woods with her rescue dog, Penny.

Sparkbox is already feeling the benefits of having another PM powerhouse like Caralyn on the team. Her enthusiasm for solving problems and figuring out how to take the next step have benefited internal projects and clients alike.

Make sure to say hello! Ask her about her time as a preschool teacher, or her trip to Bali. She’s brimming with stories that won’t disappoint.