Meet Marshall

07-18-13 Sparkbox

Our new front-end web developer, Marshall, is an actual rock star. We probably don’t need to say more than that, but we will.

Marshall has spent a lot of time on “a web island” in marketing shops where he’s been the go-to guy to make all design and development solutions for the web. It’s been a great challenge, but sometimes a little lonely.

Now he’s excited to collaborate and specialize with a team of other web geeks as a front-end web developer and apply his design and development knowledge to make the web all that it can be.

Marshall can wield an ax to chop down a tree as well as he can one to play sweet tunes (he plays guitar in the alternative/indie rock band Me & Mountains). Don’t think that’s the only music he listens to, though. Marshall’s music collection is what people actually mean when they use the word “eclectic” (ranging from gypsy jazz to 70’s Swedish prog rock).

Marshall is pretty into food too. He and his wife grow zucchini, squash, and most anything you can imagine in their 40 by 20 yard garden (yes, that word was “yard”), and he loves to pick his lunch almost as much as he loves eating it.

If he’s not playing music or working in the garden, he’s probably camping, travelling, or doing something else outdoors. Or maybe he’s working on or riding his vintage motorcycle. Or finding hilarious gifs to share with the office.

Say hi and follow Marshall on Twitter.