Meet Masten

02-09-17 Sparkbox

Our newest Business Development Director is all about relationships. Meet Masten.

We start talking about college football the way two subtle football followers do. “Did you see the game last night?” “That was an unbelievable pass.” Masten said he was a football fan in a declarative but nonchalant manner. When probing further, however, I caught a glimpse of an Ohio State tattoo on his arm. Follower would be an understatement; Masten is an ardent fan. But not in the stereotypical, overbearing way. Not by a long stretch. I’ve come to realize that his approach to any conversation is more about relating to the other person and making others feel comfortable. It’s less about him.

Masten is not what you would typically think of as a “sales guy.” He’s more about matching a need with the right solution and less about telling folks how much they need his solution. This kind of approach is very much in line with the Sparkbox way, and we’re so thrilled Masten has joined our team as our Business Development Director.

Masten originally hails from Camden, New Jersey. He’s been in the software and tech sphere for many years, practicing leadership, management, and operations. His focus, however, has always been on relationships. And that’s the reason he’s so awesome. Well, one of the reasons.

When Masten isn’t trying to match folks with the right solution, he’s either hanging out with his four kids or improving his golf game. He regularly hits the links with his father-in-law. He also enjoys reading books that are at the intersection of business and psychology. “I’m interested in understanding what people are motivated by—what they really want.”  

And what we really want is for you to join us in welcoming Masten to Sparkbox. Say hi to him on Twitter or LinkedIn!