Meet Melissa Taylor

12-17-14 Sparkbox

Melissa recently joined the Sparkbox team as a planner, but it’s tough to put what she does into one word. She believes that building quality sites and applications requires a lot of roles working together, and Melissa is interested in understanding just about every single one of those roles.

If it’s something people need to do to make a website, there’s a really good chance Melissa has learned how to do it. She’ll tell you her strengths are in “business liaising, user interaction, content strategy, and generally being the glue that brings all the moving parts together.” But she’s also done a good bit of coding and other odd jobs to get the work done right.

You can thank her early days working for startups where multiple hats were always required, but honestly, doing more than one thing is really in Melissa’s nature anyhow. Her drive to learn and understand all that she can and tackle new challenges is part of why we think Melissa is such a great fit to lead projects and tackle work on our team.

Melissa’s love of adventure and trying new things extends to travel too. After meeting and marrying her husband in college, they found themselves in Phoenix with free airfare through his work. And they made full use of that. They’d wake up in the morning and see what flights were going and just take off. Some of her favorite cities to visit have been San Francisco (for the harbor, food, and great outdoor activities) and Chicago (for the art). She’s also been in New Zealand quite a bit to visit her husband’s family and just got back to the States after two months there. These days when she isn’t seeing sites from idea to creation, Melissa is likely trying to keep up with an active one-year-old son and her dog. Or she might be showing off her creative side, whipping up new dishes in the kitchen.

One day Melissa would love to do yoga on a paddle board, like she has seen done when visiting Lake Michigan. And we’d all love to be there to get the video evidence too. So, if you need travel recommendations or to talk about doing it all on the web, give Melissa a shout.