Meet Mike

05-28-13 Sparkbox

The Sparkbox development team gains some more awesome talent. Meet Mike Yockey, the latest experienced addition to an already great team.

He would just as soon talk you up on the difference between “movies” and “cinema” as he would bad code versus test-driven development. But don’t think that means he takes development lightly. Mike has been building things for years, learning Java and Ruby on his own initiative to solve real-world problems while in other roles. He made his way into full-time development soon after, however, and hasn’t looked back since.

Don’t get him started on Pacific Rim, by the way.

Mike joins the Sparkbox team with passions like our own—well-written code, collaborative problem solving, and a hunger for learning. Though dedicated to his work, Mike will quickly point out that he is devoted to his growing family. Something we can also definitely appreciate.

You’ll enjoy getting to know Mike. We are. Feel free to give him a “hello” on Twitter.