Meet Nana

05-23-18 Sparkbox

Soccer player. Avid cook. Speaker of five languages. Meet Nana, our newest developer.

Nana will tell you his superpower is speed—he’s as quick to come up with thoughtful coding solutions as he is to piece together IKEA furniture—but anyone who’s spent time with Nana knows his greatest strength is his versatility. A full-stack developer with experience on in-house teams and as a consultant, Nana is a team player. He’s the guy who listens carefully, figures out how he can help, and jumps in where needed, whether it’s playing goalie, defense, or forward. (He’s played all three.)

A soccer fan who dreams of cheering on Manchester United in-person, Nana has recently picked up boxing and biking. And when he’s not playing or watching sports, he’s tinkering in the kitchen—his favorite way to cook is to “improve” recipes he finds in books. “Cooking and coding are synonymous,” Nana says. Whether it’s adding chard into mashed potatoes or refactoring code, it’s all about understanding the problem and making something better.

Nana moved to the United States from Ghana, West Africa, to attend Hanover College, where he studied computer science and business—we told you he’s versatile. He comes to Sparkbox with a background in development as well as experience in QA and business analysis at large financial institutions including Fifth Third Bank and U.S. Bank, and at a consultancy focused on using technology for social good.

You could say that Nana likes to learn. He participates in hackathons for fun and speaks five languages, including English, French, Twi, Ga, and Pidgin. And when he first met Ben and Masten at a Blacks in Tech meetup, he recalls asking, “I don’t know certain things. What is your capacity for me to learn and grow, as a company?”

We’re grateful he liked what he heard.

Please join us in welcoming this team player to the Sparkbox team. Say hi on Twitter.