Meet Patrick

11-06-12 Sparkbox

Introducing our newest team member, Patrick Simpson — developer, soldier, family man, and hooligan.

Before joining the military and getting married, Patrick would tell you that he was a hooligan. Yes — a hooligan. He wouldn’t have blamed anyone else for thinking so, either. We, however, thought Patrick was pretty great from day one. Then again, we got the post-military-Patrick. That may have something to do with it.

At any rate, we think you’re going to like him. (And don’t worry, he’s got all of the hooligan out of his system now.)

Patrick joined the National Guard at 18. He served two years active duty, then four more years as a weekend warrior. He’s quick to point out that he loves strong coffee, running, burritos, technology, the outdoors (especially the Smoky Mountains), his country, and especially his wife and family.

After learning to write some C++ at age 13, PHP at 14, and running a free web hosting business at 18, Patrick earned a B.S. in Computer Science from Franklin University. He has developed a passion for Object Oriented Programming (OOP), and cares about usability, accessibility, web standards, and clean JavaScript. A programmer at heart, he’s had training in many other languages, including Java and PHP, and enjoys a little database design on the side too.

Follow Patrick on Twitter @SimpsonPatrick or his personal site.