Quick Thoughts on Apple’s Latest Earnings Call

07-21-11 Ben Callahan

Apple iPad sales more than doubled Apple Mac sales last quarter. The web industry is moving more rapidly than anyone could have predicted toward a mobile browsing experience. Responsive web design is a great option to combat the unknown devices yet to emerge––big OR small.

For the past 24 hours we’ve been reading everyone’s analysis of the latest Apple earnings call. The numbers are staggering and this is relevant information primarily because Apple is steering the tablet market. The biggest statistic from the call was that iPad sales were higher than Mac sales last quarter. People are buying iPads instead of Macs or PCs. Those same people are going to open up mobile Safari and check out all the websites they normally visit on their notebook or desktop computer.

This is a wake-up call. Responsive web design is one answer to that call.

I’ve heard some people saying that responsive web design isn’t the perfect solution for every site. I actually think this true, but I do believe that every site could benefit in some way from the principles behind responsive web design. And, you certainly aren’t going to do any damage in making your site responsive. If you’re building a mobile specific site (using device-sniffing of some kind), you might not need a media query that works down below 400 pixels. However, what about all the other devices, or more appropriately, all the other resolutions? The brilliant thing about these techniques is that they work for any size view port, big or small. Up to this point, we haven’t seen a lot of sites take advantage of this. Mark my words: the wave is coming.