Recent Launch: Miami Valley Lighting Website

11-18-11 Sparkbox

Some websites beg to be responsive. We were happy to answer.

At Sparkbox, we feel that building websites that automatically adjust to the viewing device, mobile or desktop, is always a good decision. There are some sites, however, that simply beg to be responsive. This site fit the bill.

Miami Valley Lighting delivers innovative lighting solutions for government and commercial entities. Their products and services live outdoors, and their customers interact with them from snowy sidewalks, moving cars, and store windows. When a light goes out, they want to respond; and they want their customers to be able to alert them of the outage as soon as possible.

Putting those customers first, Miami Valley Lighting asked Sparkbox to build a site that was as easy to use from a Blackberry in the cab of a truck as it was from a laptop parked at a café window. The result is, a responsive site built around easy-to-use outage reporting functionality and a fresh new rebrand. We were glad to make the web a little brighter.