Recent Launch: Website

04-23-12 Sparkbox

We're proud to announce the recent launch of An unconventionally designed news site for an unconventional news organization.

Working with Stry on a ground-up brand and website overhaul was one of those rare occasions where the client hands over near complete creative control. The direction from Stry founder, Dan Oshinsky, was pretty much, “Make the most beautiful news website ever made.” When you get that sort of creative freedom on day one, you know you’re in for a good time.

As we learned more about Stry and Dan, we found that the uncoventionally free design direction was in line with the uncoventional organization as a whole. As they like to say of themselves,

We’re Stry, a new type of news organization. We don’t care much about big headlines or news of the day, and we’re not easily distracted. We’re just a band of storytellers in pursuit of great storytelling. We tell stories about the issues that affect our lives.

Stop by for a look around. Be sure to set aside some time, however, because even if the beautiful, responsive design eventually loses your attention, the rich longform articles will keep you there for hours.

Visit the Website