Rob Harr on The Businessology Show: Why Hourly Pricing Can Work

06-25-14 Ben Callahan

We find hourly pricing helps us better serve our clients and helps them better understand a project's level of effort. Rob shared these and a lot of other reasons we love hourly pricing on The Businessology Show.

I cannot recommend a podcast more than this episode of Jason Blumer and Dan Mall’s The Businessology Show with our Technical Director and operations guy, Rob Harr. If you want to understand the Sparkbox philosophy on transparency and collaboration as it relates to pricing, listen now.

One of my favorite quotes from Rob on the show is:

“You finance [the freedom to make] good business decisions in the future by being good with your cash today.”

This is one of the most valuable lessons we’ve learned as a company. Rob explains it brilliantly, and I would love for our mistakes to benefit others struggling with the same things!

If you’re on the fence about the best way to price work, or if you’re struggling with profitability, this is a fantastic listen. Give it a shot and decide for yourself.

Why Hourly Pricing Can Work with Rob Harr