Let’s Talk Newsletter

Our industry is always changing. Sometimes it can feel hard to make sense of all the information and opinions out there. Welcome to “Let’s Talk,” our latest effort to help you feel educated and empowered about working on the web. Here, we’ll share articles we’ve written and resources we’ve found helpful.

  • guidelines_for_building_a_web_design_process_and_frontend_design_roles

    Let’s Talk: Web Design Process

    06-12-19 Sparkbox

    In our third issue of Let’s Talk, we discuss how to make an effective web design process. How do you encourage collaboration and empathy? How can you ensure a better final product? We share how we’ve found answers to these questions.

  • lets_talk_web_developer_designer_apprenticeship

    Let’s Talk: Apprenticeships

    04-15-19 Sparkbox

    In our second issue of "Let’s Talk," we tackle web industry apprenticeships. What are apprenticeships, why do we offer them, and how do they improve our work and team? We include articles we’ve written about our apprenticeship program, as well as resources for anyone looking for apprenticeship opportunities.

  • lets_talk_design_system

    Let’s Talk: Design Systems

    11-14-18 Sparkbox

    In our first issue of "Let’s Talk," we tackle design systems. Should you build one? How do you make sure yours is successful? We provide different perspectives and examples to help you figure out what’s right for your organization.