Sparkbox at Abstractions II Conference 2019

08-07-19 Sparkbox

Join Sparkboxers at Abstractions II Conference in Pittsburgh, PA from August 21–23. Rob Harr will lead a session on discovery projects, and Lindsey Wild will lead a session on unit testing.

Sparkboxers Rob Harr and Lindsey Wild are presenting at Abstractions II Conference in Pittsburgh, PA, August 21–23. This cross-discipline software conference is for everyone. Learn from a wide variety of perspectives with speakers from multiple disciplines, including design, development, DevOps, management, quality assurance, community leadership, and more.

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Unit Testing in Sass

Presenter: Lindsey Wild

Remember that time someone on your team removed some questionable Sass, only to result in a broken UI? If this scenario sounds familiar, then this Sass unit testing session is for you! You’ll learn how unit testing is applied to Sass, how it can benefit your large project, and how you can set it up in your own codebase. General takeaways will also include unit testing best practices and how to determine if your project is a good candidate for Sass unit testing.

Attend this session if

  • You work on large projects heavily relying on a consistent UI, such as a design system
  • You are passionate about code quality and testing
  • You’ve worked with unit testing before
  • You’re curious to know how it could translate into a styling language

Running Awesome Discovery Projects

Presenter: Rob Harr

The largest risk in any digital project is building the wrong thing. Yet you’re expected to define a project’s scope and provide an estimate after just a few conversations. Then you have to manage according to that budget for the life of the project regardless of what else you learn. This is nuts. One of your most important constraints—budget—is defined when you know the least about the project: the beginning.

During this talk, we will cover

  • How to implement awesome Discovery Projects so you can dive into a project with confidence while removing some of the largest risks
  • How to create a scoped roadmap to provide more accurate estimates
  • How to set client expectations for the rest of the engagement

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