Sparkbox is Born

01-28-11 Ben Callahan

After two years of building FORGE, we are proud to announce the creation of a new organization specializing in building hand-crafted sites: Sparkbox.

We started FORGE at the beginning of 2009. Just four of us and a desire to take our skills and our clients' businesses to the next level. After two amazing years of growth through the most difficult economy we've seen in quite some time, we are proud to announce the birth of Sparkbox. Don't worry, we're in the same great space, and we've got the same great people. The difference is we're focusing.

“On what?” you ask?

We believe that it's time for people who make websites (like us) to start making websites better. So, we've been working on some fantastic ways to do this, and we're calling these intelligent sites SmartSites. Trust me when I say that we are not typically given to naming things for the sake of naming things. I do believe, however, that our industry is fundamentally changing. By 2013, more people will be accessing the web via mobile devices than desktop systems. The fact is, most websites out there are not ready for this. We also don't want you to think that “SmartSites” is just another word for “mobile websites.” There's much more to it than that and we're finding that every site we approach in this way brings new ideas and unique requirements to the surface. We know this much: the need is there and the technology is available.

Sparkbox is here and we're ready to rock. We look forward to hearing from you.