Sparkbox Partners with Mediachase to Present Responsive eCommerce Webinar

08-22-11 Ben Callahan

Sparkbox is teaming up with Mediachase to offer a webinar on responsive web design in eCommerce. It's free, so sign up today!

The more responsive web design that we do, the more we learn. Responsive eCommerce is one area where we’ve been learning a lot lately. With the launch of White Lotus Aromatics and quite a bit of work on a new demo for the Mediachase eCommerce Framework, the folks at Mediachase asked us to share a little about what we’ve learned.

The Details

Mediachase will be hosting a webinar called “Responsive Web Design for eCommerce” this Thursday, August 25th from 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM EDT, and it’s free to all! Join us for an hour of conversation about how responsive web design principles can be applied in the eCommerce world.