15 Articles written by Mike Yockey

  • Idiomatic Sails

    Running JavaScript server-side is gaining momentum fast. Mike shares his experience writing web services for a client using Sails.js, a JavaScript web application framework similar to Rails.

  • Legacy Authentication

    Struggling to incorporate new features into a legacy codebase? Mike shares a way to safely and efficiently bring your existing users along when starting anew.

  • ExpressionEngine on Heroku

    Managing servers takes time and budget away from much more successful endeavors. Mike shares how Heroku can get you out of the server management business.

  • Conditional Features in Tabular Layouts

    For complex pages, it can be difficult to manage displaying some things conditionally. Mike shares how to be expressive today so that future you can more easily understand what's going on.

  • API Testing with Postman

    Postman is a great tool for prototyping APIs, and it also has some powerful testing features. Mike shares how to integrate Postman's tests into your build automation to make things really take off.

  • HTTP Response Handling in Vanilla Ruby

    Vanilla can be delicious, especially when you learn to make Ruby expressive and flexible simply by following good object-oriented programming practices. Mike shares a method for handling HTTP responses in Ruby’s ‘net/http’ library.

  • Deployment Automation

    If deployments aren't repeatable, consistent, and regularly practiced, then any confidence in them is probably misplaced. Mike shares his guide to help you understand two deployment automation tools (Mina and Capistrano) in their basic use and how to incorporate custom steps when you need them.

  • Project Insight from Flying Robots

    Mike shares his experience flying robots with Sparkboxers at a one-day hack, flexing our team improvisational skills, and how it all ties back to our everyday projects.