136 Articles written by Sparkbox

  • Meet Lina

    Food enthusiast. Skillful planner. Relationship builder. Meet Lina, our newest Project Manager.

  • Let’s Talk: Apprenticeships

    In our second issue of "Let’s Talk," we tackle web industry apprenticeships. What are apprenticeships, why do we offer them, and how do they improve our work and team? We include articles we’ve written about our apprenticeship program, as well as resources for anyone looking for apprenticeship opportunities.

  • Meet Kaitlyn

    Oboe player. Spreadsheet lover. Swing Dancer. Meet Kaitlyn, our new Communication Specialist.

  • Meet Naomi

    Adventurer. Dayton-Local. Grammar Enthusiast. Meet Naomi, our Communication Specialist.

  • Sparkboxer Catherine at CodeStock 2019

    Do you often collaborate with remote coworkers? Do you struggle to engage subscribers in your design system? Sparkboxer Catherine will speak on Github pull requests and design systems at CodeStock on April 12–13.

  • Let’s Talk: Design Systems

    In our first issue of "Let’s Talk," we tackle design systems. Should you build one? How do you make sure yours is successful? We provide different perspectives and examples to help you figure out what’s right for your organization.

  • Meet Melissa

    She's a rock climber, piano player, and designer-turned-developer. Meet Melissa, the newest member of the Sparkbox team.

  • Approach to Animations Demo Video

    Our frontend design apprentices showcased their culminating projects and shared some fun, creative, and clean ways of how they approached animation.

  • Rob Harr to Share Sparkbox’s Forecasting Approach at Bureau of Digital Workshop

    Gaining reliable forecasting is monumental for sustainable business practices. Sparkbox has worked hard to collect insights that help us plan and manage our projects, and support our clients and team. Rob Harr, Sparkbox's VP, will share the ins and outs of forecasting and its value at the Bureau of Digital's upcoming Forecasting Workshop.

  • High Fives Demo Video

    Get a behind-the-scenes peak at Ethan's latest side project in this video from our biweekly all-staff demo.

  • Meet Yosevu

    A self-starting globetrotter who uses his love of language and tech to change the world. Meet Yosevu, our new full-stack developer.

  • Meet Corinne

    Crafter. Mandarin speaker. Writer of graphic novels. Meet Corinne, the latest full-stack apprentice turned full-time Sparkboxer.

  • Meet Byron

    Drummer. Community volunteer. Former robot-builder. Meet Byron, our new full-stack developer.

  • Meet Nana

    Soccer player. Avid cook. Speaker of five languages. Meet Nana, our newest developer.

  • Announcing Design Systems Workshop

    We’re excited about our new “Making Design Systems Work” workshop, where we’ll help you navigate the challenges of building and maintaining the right design system to meet your needs.

  • Meet Lindsey

    The latest addition to the Sparkbox family is both a Pittsburgher and a craft beer enthusiast. Meet Lindsey.

  • Meet Bob

    He's a JavaScript pro with a background in explosives. Meet Bob, the newest dev at Sparkbox.

  • 2018 Frontend Design Apprentice Announcement

    Ready to level up your design skills by learning how to create smart web design concepts and craft the code to build them? Our four-month Frontend Design Apprenticeship is waiting for you! Apply by March 25th.

  • Meet Caralyn

    She's Sparkbox's newest problem-solving powerhouse and Project Manager.

  • Meet Heather

    She's an American muscle car aficionado and a tenacious coder. Meet Heather, our newest spirited developer.

  • Meet Gary

    Meet Gary, the incredibly interesting technomad, citizen scientist, and newest member of the Sparkbox team.

  • Meet Jon

    He's jumped out of planes and played in a heavy metal band. Meet our newest dev and dog-lover: Jon.

  • Meet Katy

    Coder by day, and author by night. Meet our newest hire and calligraphy enthusiast: Katy.

  • Meet Anastasia

    She has the brains and the brawn. Meet Anastasia, Sparkbox’s new powerlifting, hockey-playing, do-it-all developer.

  • ConvergeSE Recap

    Conference season continues. We share our presentations and takeaways from ConvergeSE.

  • Meet Leah

    Small in stature but big on efficiency—meet Leah, our newest logistical master and fellow coffee lover.

  • Meet Lindsay

    She brings to Sparkbox a rounded perspective of the web and zealous hunger for learning. Welcome Lindsay, a full-stack developer and chocolate chip cookie connoisseur.

  • Meet Julie

    She tackles project management and UX efforts by day and navigates the ukulele and crochet needle by night. Say hello to Julie, our newest project manager.

  • Meet Patrick Fulton

    He's committed to quality code. He's a life-long learner and meetup enthusiast. Welcome Patrick as Sparkbox's newest frontend developer.

  • Meet Masten

    Our newest Business Development Director is all about relationships. Meet Masten.

  • Meet Andrew

    Andrew's been delighting us with his methodical creativity since his apprenticeship at Sparkbox. Meet our newest frontend designer.

  • Meet Nate

    A hunger for good food, good music, and good code has driven Nate—all the way to our Sparkbox offices. Meet the newest member of our team.

  • Meet Catherine

    Comfortable with a novel, keyboard, or sword in her hand, Catherine brings an extra helping of passion and commitment to the Sparkbox team.

  • Meet Austin

    Curious, hilarious, and ready for any challenge. Meet our newest team member and Project Coordinator.

  • Introducing: The Shift

    A writing project designed to help us produce and consume unique perspectives on topics relevant to the web industry.

  • Meet Kasey

    She's a maker and a baker. Meet Kasey, a creator and problem-solver.

  • Inclusivity

    A few thoughts from the leadership of Sparkbox about our industry’s inclusivity problems.

  • CodeMash 2015 Recap

    A roundup of our favorite events, talks, and takeaways, along with a challenge for organizers next year.

  • Meet Melissa

    Melissa recently joined the Sparkbox team as a planner, but it’s tough to put what she does into one word. She believes that building quality sites and applications requires a lot of roles working together, and Melissa is interested in understanding just about every single one of those roles.

  • Meet Katie

    An outgoing extrovert, our new team member Katie digs design and tacos. Learn more about this kooky, creative creature.

  • Meet Nathan

    Nathan's love of teaching and sharing made him a great fit to join our team as a developer. Meet this dedicated dude.

  • Meet Daniel

    A big fan of music and code, Daniel joins our team as a developer.

  • Meet Divya

    After impressing us for six months with her determination and skill as an apprentice, Divya is joining us as a fulltime developer.

  • If You Build Right, They Will Come

    We had the privilege of hosting the first Build Right workshops of 2014 at our Dayton headquarters. We loved it and so did our attendees! We’re all polished and ready to bring the love your way. Join us!

  • Be the First to Attend the 2014 Build Right Workshops

    Be the first to attend the 2014 Build Responsively workshop and our brand new workshop, Frontend Tooling, before all the other cool kids do. Join us at our office in Dayton, OH February 24 and 25. Come for the great workshops and brilliant conversation. Stay for the delicious food and a homemade tequila sour from our favorite local bartender.

  • Happy 2014! Let’s Do This Thing RIGHT.

    Let’s build a better web together. We have high hopes for 2014, and we want you to join us on this ride with new workshops, new inspiration, and new ideas. Let’s get started!

  • Meet Ryan

    Our newest developer now changes diapers, but he once changed gravity.

  • Everybody Answers: Crunch-Time Coping Techniques

    Crunch-time scenarios are a fact of life. It doesn't matter how well you plan. So you'd better come up with ways to cope or learn to enjoy the fetal position. The team shares how we each get through those long days and nights.

  • Meet Emily

    An enthusiast for words and the web—Emily joins the Sparkbox team as Content Strategist and Project Manager.

  • Meet Marshall

    Our new front-end web developer, Marshall, is an actual rock star. We probably don’t need to say more than that, but we will.

  • Meet Jody

    We’re happy to introduce you to Jody—sassy, new team member and great gal.

  • The Making of Threeve

    We, the 2013 Sparkbox Apprentices, have built Threeve: an app to help you track your Jeopardy score, share your total, and finally achieve the acclaim you so rightfully deserve. All in a beautifully designed and written responsive Ruby and Rails web app.

  • Meet Mike

    The Sparkbox development team gains some more awesome talent. Meet Mike Yockey, the latest experienced addition to an already great team.

  • Meet Ryann

    Introducing Ryann, new Sparkboxer and longtime popcorn fanatic. We think you're going to like her.

  • Meet Jeremy

    We have someone we'd like for you to meet. His name is Jeremy, and he's the newest member of the Sparkbox family.

  • Meet Patrick

    Introducing our newest team member, Patrick Simpson — developer, soldier, family man, and hooligan.

  • Meet Adam

    Another great addition to our front-end development team, Adam Simpson is also an all around nice guy. Get to know him.

  • Meet Ethan

    We're excited to introduce you to Ethan Muller, a great addition to our front-end development team. Take a moment to get to know him. We like him. You will too.

  • Vote Sparkbox For SXSW 2013

    After our first appearance at SXSW in 2012, we're ready for more. We humbly ask you to vote for our panels and bring us back to SXSW in 2013!

  • Build Responsively: Columbus Wrap-up

    Our second Build Responsively Workshop is in the books. A special guest appearance from the über smart Ethan Marcotte and some fantastic sponsors made for a fun two-day event.

  • Sparkbox Summer Internship 2012

    What's it like interning with Sparkbox? Pretty wicked awesome if you ask Summer 2012 interns Linnie and Ethan. (Technically, yes, we did pay them to say that.)