Sparkbox’s Ben Callahan Speaking at CodeMash

10-24-11 Sparkbox

Ben's session, "Hands-On Responsive and Adaptive Web Design," will be included in their design/UX track.

It's official. Sparkbox will be making its first CodeMash speaking appearance this coming year. Ben got the good news last week that his session, “Hands-On Responsive and Adaptive Web Design,” will be included in their design/UX track.

Not only that, the full Sparkbox team will be there as well—jumping in on the conversations and indoor swimming pools. Get your ticket, grab your swimsuit, and join us pasty Midwesterners at CodeMash. Hurry though, tickets go on sale today, October 24, and they expect to sell out fast.

Once you're there, be sure to join us for Ben's session. Here's his abstract:

This session will be a hands-on walk through of the latest responsive and adaptive web design techniques. Attendees will walk away with a working knowledge of how to implement a responsive front-end on their sites. Particular attention will be given to ensuring that sites are built responsibly (for example, proper image sizes are served to the device). Additionally, the session will cover techniques that can be used on the server in combination with client-side technologies to offer a more seamless user experience. Specific topics covered: - fluid grids - flexible media (images/video/...) - media queries - polyfills - useful resources - effective testing. Because this topic is so new, the specifics will certainly change as we approach the conference date. Never fear, I'll make sure that the content presented is fresh and current as well as easy to understand and applicable.