Meet Our Team of Web Freedom Fighters

We're smart, we're hard working, we're easy to talk to, and we love a challenge.

  • Image of Ben Callahan, President at Sparkbox

    Ben Callahan

  • Image of Rob Harr, Vice President at Sparkbox

    Rob Harr

    Vice President
  • Image of Jeremy Loyd, Creative Director at Sparkbox

    Jeremy Loyd

    Creative Director
  • Image of Drew Clemens, UX Director at Sparkbox

    Drew Clemens

    UX Director
  • Image of Ryan Cromwell, Technical Director at Sparkbox

    Ryan Cromwell

    Technical Director
  • A Principled Team Devoted to a Web Built Right.

    The only real thing we have to offer is us. It's not what we do—it's how we do it.

  • Image of Kasey Bonifacio, Developer at Sparkbox

    Kasey Bonifacio

  • Image of Bryan Braun, Developer at Sparkbox

    Bryan Braun

  • Image of Nikki Bucher, Office manager at Sparkbox

    Nikki Bucher

    Office manager
  • Image of Daniel Flynn, Developer at Sparkbox

    Daniel Flynn

  • Image of Emily Gray, Content Strategist at Sparkbox

    Emily Gray

    Content Strategist
  • Principle 1

    Prioritize People. Work hard by ultimately working for community, family, and faith.

  • Image of Ethan Muller, Developer at Sparkbox

    Ethan Muller

  • Image of Marshall Norman, Developer at Sparkbox

    Marshall Norman

  • Principle 2

    Never Stop Learning. Mastery is an ever-changing target, but we pursue it with a daily hunger.

  • Image of Nathan Rambeck, Developer at Sparkbox

    Nathan Rambeck

  • Image of Divya Sasidharan, Developer at Sparkbox

    Divya Sasidharan

  • Principle 3

    Collaborate Constantly. Band together across disciplines, client and teammate alike, for richer solutions.

  • Image of Adam Simpson, Developer at Sparkbox

    Adam Simpson

  • Image of Patrick Simpson, Developer at Sparkbox

    Patrick Simpson

  • Image of Josiah Stroh, Accountant at Sparkbox

    Josiah Stroh

  • Image of Rob Tarr, Developer at Sparkbox

    Rob Tarr

  • Principle 4

    Lead By Example. Raising the bar for oneself benefits every project and person then touched.

  • Image of Melissa Taylor, Planner at Sparkbox

    Melissa Taylor

  • Image of Jody Thornburg, Communications Specialist at Sparkbox

    Jody Thornburg

    Communications Specialist
  • Image of Mike Yockey, Developer at Sparkbox

    Mike Yockey

  • Principle 5

    Do What You Love. Passion is infectious, and it produces a joy that spreads to work and team.

  • Image of Philip Zastrow, Developer at Sparkbox

    Philip Zastrow

  • Image of Sparkbox Apprentice, Eager Learner at Sparkbox

    Sparkbox Apprentice

    Eager Learner

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