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  • bem_by_example

    BEM by Example

    06-12-17 Nathan Rambeck

    BEM is a popular naming convention for CSS class names that we use widely here at Sparkbox. The fundamental concepts of BEM are simple and straightforward, but there are common errors those new to BEM make that this post seeks to explain through a series of examples.

  • thoughtful_css_architecture

    Thoughtful CSS Architecture

    10-11-16 Nathan Rambeck

    Nathan provides an introduction to CSS architecture that will help you design a structure for your code so your projects and teams can grow without becoming an unmanageable mess.

  • naming_css_stuff_is_really_hard

    Naming CSS Stuff Is Really Hard

    09-02-14 Ethan Muller

    Limit gross refactoring tomorrow by picking class names that are less likely to change. Ethan shares three naming options to help cushion the blow of future design changes.