Hammer and Chisel

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  • designing_for_design_systems

    Designing for Design Systems

    12-09-19 Ethan Muller

    Designing for design systems requires tight collaboration between designers and developers. Ethan shares three tips to help get everybody on the same page.

  • guidelines_for_building_a_web_design_process_and_frontend_design_roles

    Let’s Talk: Web Design Process

    06-12-19 Sparkbox

    In our third issue of Let’s Talk, we discuss how to make an effective web design process. How do you encourage collaboration and empathy? How can you ensure a better final product? We share how we’ve found answers to these questions.

  • Improving_front_end_web_design_and_development_processes

    The Hammer and Chisel Evolves

    05-27-19 Jeremy Loyd

    A few years ago, we came up with a technique called “The Hammer and the Chisel” for writing code and polishing styling. We’ve learned a few things instituting this process, and here’s what we’ve found works.

  • designing_design_culture_wrap_up

    Designing Design Culture Wrap-Up

    06-18-18 Jeremy Loyd

    Over the past year, we've been documenting our journey and focus on scaling design. In our culminating post, Jeremy shares what's worked and what hasn't, and lessons learned.

  • maintaining_design_vision

    Maintaining Design Vision

    06-26-17 Andrew Spencer

    Maintaining design vision throughout a project can be challenging. Andrew shares how our experimentation with project roles alleviates these challenges and contributes additional project value.