Hacktoberfesting at Sparkbox

12-19-16 Bryan Braun

We’re fans of open source collaborations. So when October came, we were excited to use our eight hours/week of giving back to Hacktoberfest projects.

We’re big fans of open source here at Sparkbox. In fact, we’re given eight hours a week to explore, contribute, and give back to our industry. So when we saw that Github and DigitalOcean were bringing back Hacktoberfest, we wanted to get involved.

For those not familiar, Hacktoberfest is a month-long event for celebrating and supporting open source. The idea is to find ways to contribute to open-source projects during the month of October, as a way of giving back.

To help with this, we organized a series of meetups and hack times where Sparkboxers, and others in Dayton’s developer community, could get together and work on pull requests. Here’s just a couple of our contributions:

What’s more, DigitalOcean sent t-shirts to each of us who submitted four or more pull requests to other people’s projects over the course of the month.

Sparkboxers in their Hacktoberfest t-shirts

The shirts look great, but more importantly, they remind us that we are part of a community of people who believe that our industry gets better when we’re all working together.