Sparkboxing Match: Design Deliverables in Responsive Design

09-20-11 Drew Clemens

Ben and Rob throw down over appropriate client deliverables for a responsive website project. There will be blood.

Here in the Sparkbox office, we all know that the web is a dynamic and fluid medium. And we all agree that the web hasn’t been treated that way for most of its young life. Too many print-based work flows have carried over to the web including static design JPGs meant to represent dynamic, moving web pages. Though most of the industry realizes it’s a problem, habits are hard to break. We continue presenting these static JPG deliverables to our clients.

But what happens when you shake up the design process? Introduce responsive web design (where there is no fixed target resolution for your page template), and your habits become potential obstacles in communication with clients. What’s appropriate to deliver to a client? Do we stick to our philosophical guns, or do we need to be more pragmatic? It’s a major topic of debate around the lunchtable at Sparkbox, and now it’s coming to blows.

Ben is willing to go to the mat for his ideals. Read his position.

But Rob isn’t going down easy. His article is a pragmatic heavy-weight.

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