Meet Neil

07-11-13 Sparkbox

New dad. New-ish Sparkboxer. Lover of efficiency.

After starting his own successful design consultancy fresh out of college, Neil found himself fascinated by the web and how it was built. “I’ve always been a geek at heart,” Neil will tell you, “and I quickly realized that working on the web was the perfect intersection of each of my interests: technology, design, and writing.”

So Neil taught himself how to code and honed his skills helping clients with web projects.

When Sparkbox announced six-month apprenticeships in 2012, Neil said he “jumped at the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be immersed in learning stuff I love, and I treasured every moment of it.” A few months into the apprenticeship, we knew Neil was a perfect fit to join us full time as a front-end web developer where he uses his design background to make the web beautiful on the outside and inside.

Neil loves to be efficient. He’s kind of obsessed. So he’ll research how to best tweak his workflow and spend hours learning Sublime shortcuts or writing scripts to automate frequent tasks.

He also sings, travels, and is enjoying being a dad to a brand new son. Neil says he’d “rather have a meaningful conversation with one person than an audience of 10,000 any day.” So drop him a line and start a conversation with @neilrenicker!