Sparkbox is Proud to Help Bring Build Guild to Dayton

04-25-11 Ben Callahan

Sparkbox is proud to help bring the Build Guild to Dayton, Ohio. The Build Guild is a national group of local meetups for web geeks where there are never presentations but always great conversations, instead.

How many times have you went to hear someone you don't know speak on a topic you're passionate about only to be dissappointed at the quality of the presentation or the information. You're left to salvage the evening by trying to get a few of the other attendees to grab a beer and talk shop afterwards. The Build Guild attempts to address this problem by removing the presentation completely from the meetup.

Sounds a little like just having beers, right? Right.

There is nothing wrong with these presentation-based meetups, in fact the Sparkbox crew tries to attend as many as we can fit in. We love this community and we want to be a part of it in any way we can. However, there's something unique and incredibly productive (believe it or not) about letting go of the pressure of a presentation and just talking with other smart people. So, we felt it would be a great opportunity to help bolster the Dayton web development community if we could support a chapter of the Build Guild right here.

Our first event was in April of 2011. There were almost forty geeks in attendence and it was fantastic. We are continuing the meetings now on the second Tuesday of every month at Chappy's. We would love to have you come out and enjoy some great conversation, delicious beer, and more than enough high fives to go around.